” With the publication of Tempo of the Towns, the Endicott – Endwell  area has its own newspaper for the first time since the early 1960s. Tempo will be published every Wednesday and will include the  Cable Key supplement, listing all television programs available via the local TV cable services. The Publisher of Tempo is George R. Hill, president of Southern Tier Publications, Inc., which also publishes The Vestal News. He will be in charge of the paper’s advertising and business operations. Hill, publisher of the Vestal paper since 1957, was city editor -of the Muncie, Ind., Star prior to coming to Vestal. He is a graduate of Northwestern University. Heading the Tempo staff is Gordon P. Allen*. Previously assistant managing editor of the Star-Gazette and Sunday Telegram in Elmira, Allen joined Southern Tier Publications in October, 1970. He is secretary of the corporation. Allen, 34, a graduate of Syracuse University, has also held editorial positions on newspapers in Syracuse and St. Petersburg, Fla. T. J. McCarthy, Jr., is associate editor. McCarthy, 23 is a graduate of Syracuse University. In addition to news assignments he will also service some advertising accounts. Tempo, which will focus on the communities and events in the Union-Endicott and Maine-Endwell school districts, intends to add a number of local correspondents to its staff, according to Allen.”

Quote from page one of the first Tempo of the Towns , published February 17th, 1971


“The success of The Vestal News birthed a sister newspaper, Tempo of the Towns, appearing for the first time on February 17th, 1971. Covering the most populous part of Broome County – the Towns of Union and Maine – it was published on Wednesdays and in only 3 years equaled the 5000 paid circulation of its parent paper. In time, it reached an even larger readership, nearly 7000 customers

Tracking the complete history of either the Vestal News or Tempo of the Towns is difficult. As Gordon Allen, its Editor during the 1970s, lamented, “I was so disappointed when I found out that the Endicott Library didn’t keep all the copies. All the columns that [sportswriter] Dick Testa wrote about all the kids in the school districts. That’s all gone. It’d be so good to have that record.”

Quote from Bygone Binghamton , Remembering People and Places of the Past , Volume 1

Jack Edward Shay (Jun 14, 2012)